Problem solving


My QuickMap folder is not located when plugged in!

Simply restart the device

I lost the zero angle with TruPoint 300!

You probably did not, Just long press the triangle icon in QuickMap

Can I plug an external power source into the Trupoint?

If you have the up to date firmware, yes you can , just use the supplied power cable.

How can I check my Trupoint firmware?

Press the function key, then click on the "I" icon.

Where is my SIM card for the Cedar Tablet?

Quickmap 3D stores to the device and does not need a sim card.

Quickmap 3D is loosing connection to theTrupulse!

Relax!  This is bluetooth. Think of your vehicle which keeps  disconnecting.  Shut of the laser and power back on.  This is  usually due to laser power and you may need to replace the battery.  Also refresh the signal strength on QuickMap

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