"Whether, you are new to forensic mapping or looking for a refresher, this course will teach you the necessary skills to properly and accurately map a scene. I definitely recommend this course to new technicians, officers, troopers, or those in the field of forensic mapping."

Mark Dicocco- Ct. State Police

"I am impressed that after only three days I went from knowing almost nothing about photography, to have the confidence."

Ryan Gould- Bristol Ct. Police

"Two very knowledgable instructors that were very personable.  The material was presented in a logical order.  I learned more in their 3 day course than I did in another 5 day course I attended."Javier Mercado- Willimantic Ct. Police


"The way the instructors taught and relayed the information was excellent."

Jason Reardon- Avon Ct. Police

"Mike knows this software inside and out, He is super knowledgeable and did a great job of explaining and demonstrating content"      
Scott Naismith- Salem NH Police

"Mike did a great job ensuring that everyone understood and took time to fully explain what features the software has"
Eric O'Brien-Salem NH Police


 "In my 31 years on the job, I have attended a lot of training classes. Never have I left a class with confidence on a newly learned skills as I did with your class."  
Detective John C. Hybyk  - Shelton Ct. Police

"The Instructor is very knowledgeable in the subject area. Nice job Mike!"  
Officer Troy Johnson - Ledyard Ct. Police

"Excellent class! This instructor's style of teaching is flawless"
Officer Erin Shaw -  Westport Ct. Police

"The instructor went out of his way in order to help us understand the function of our total station!"
Officer Joesph Mogollon - Weston Ct. Police

"Michael is very well knowledged in this area.  He enjoys what he does and and most important, he makes the class enjoyable and easy to learn the information taught".
Officer Pandelis Nisyrios - Enfield Ct. Police

"Mike consistently puts out a great product.  He is a knowledgable instructor, and speaks in a way even a basic officer can relate to.  I've attended several of Mike's class and he continues to impress me."
Officer Paul Dubiel- Enfield Ct. Police

"Hands on all week and very helpful in materials being taught.  Great Job!"

Officer Denice Bracero- Windsor Ct Police


"Mike always creates a great learning environment.  The class are fun and objectives  completed."

Officer Jeff Spadjinske- Coventry Ct Police

"Hands on approach to class instruction and showing multiple versions and how to fix problems."

Officer Jason Swartout- Blueash Oh Police

"Using the ASCII files from our crashes!"
Deputy Sheriff Erich Hopkins- Champaign OH

"Thanks Mike! It was very informative"

Deputy Sheriff Dennis Lyons- Champaign OH

"Instructor was excellent and very knowledgeable in subject and program. Looking forward to advanced class"."
Trooper Michael Pelletier, NH State Police

"Mike was an excellent instructor, that made the class interesting and easy to follow. I look forward to taking more classes he might instruct".
Officer Greg Pepper, Salem, NH PD

"I have had the distinct privilege to attend several courses instructed by Mike Allard. Mike presents his classes with an enthusiasm that is contagious. As a Commander of a Regional Accident Reconstruction Team I feel comfortable and reassured in the fact that Mike Allard is the instructor for classes attended by Metro Traffic Team members".
Sgt. Chuck Grasso, Enfield CT PD, Metro Traffic Services

 "This was, without exception, the most thorough and best qualified instruction I have had in 13 years on the job. Mike knew his program in depth and clearly his field experience was vital".
Sgt. Mike Conde, Vernon, CT PD

"Mike did a terrific job. It was great to be taught by an officer who “walks the walk” and could teach cops from a cop’s perspective. Much better than being taught by engineers. Mike taught us more about mapping in 1 hour than the last class (taught by non-cops) did in 3 days!"
Officer Brian Eckblum, South Windsor, CT PD

"Of all the recon classes I have taken, this one provided me with the most useful set of tools."
Officer Larry May, Methuen, MA PD

 "Mike was knowledgeable, helpful and excited about what he taught."
Officer William Zubrin, Boston, MA PD

  "Mike was a great instructor, easily understood and able to get the material across so a “cop” could understand it. He is passionate about this stuff."
Officer Antonio Ellis, Manchester, NJ PD

"The first two days I went home confused and with a headache. Mike took the time to break down the material and explain it in a manner that made learning more enjoyable. It is a credit to Mike and his training abilities. At no time did he become frustrated with my computer knowledge or lack thereof."
Officer Craig Patton, North Brunswick, NJ PD


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